What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-sharing site that makes it simple to watch videos on the web. You can even make and transfer your own recordings to share and communicate with other people. Initially made in 2005, YouTube is currently quite possibly the most mainstream platform on the Internet, with viewers watching around 6 billion hours of video consistently. 

If you've watched a video on the web, there's a decent possibility it was a YouTube video. YouTube hosts a community filled with talented people who put out all sorts of videos - from educational to entertainment 

Think of the most obscure topic you can think of, and there's a 99% chance that there is a video on YouTube covering that.

Why Use Youtube?

One explanation as to why YouTube is so loved and popular is the sheer number of videos it hosts. Approximately 100 hours of video are transferred to YouTube consistently, so there are constantly new videos to watch. What's more, you'll discover a wide range of recordings on YouTube—lovable felines, peculiar cooking demos, interesting science exercises, fast design tips, and a lot more. 

Another explanation as to why YouTube is loved: It's about client-produced content. Rather than recordings from significant TV organizations and film studios, you'll discover astonishing and imaginative recordings made by individuals very much like you. Also, YouTube is certainly not a one-way street—you can jump in, record and offer your recordings, and become a sensation overnight. 

For these reasons (& many more), you must give YouTube a try.

Youtube Pros

Free of cost

Sharing and viewing videos on YouTube is totally free. This offers you the chance to trial and see if it works for you or not without stressing over the expenses!

Recently, YouTube has presented YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is a paid membership that allows you to watch videos without ads and some other features. However, regardless of whether you have a YouTube Premium or a free account, this doesn't influence how you can transfer recordings onto your YouTube platform.

Monetize your videos

YouTube allows you to earn money via your videos! By connecting your account to AdSense, you can get paid for every ad that runs on your video. In addition, you can also do this through:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Sponsorships
  • Merch and Products
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Offer Services

Some other advantages include:

  • YouTube is easy to use. 
  • YouTube conveniently spreads your message across the world.
  • YouTube can help boost SEO. 

YouTube Cons

The disadvantages to YouTube are as follows:

  • Everything on YouTube is public.
  • YouTube has a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow. 
  • YouTube can disable your account without any reason. 
  • Any advertiser can put an ad on your video. 

The Bottom Line

We’re certain that YouTube needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular platforms in the world, and a lot of people consider it to be a daily part of their lives. A lot of people have made careers out of YouTube, and YouTube has resulted in them earning billions of dollars. In short, when used correctly, YouTube can change lives. 

Even if you are not looking to become a YouTuber, you can still use YouTube for casual viewing. In fact, we’re sure that you already do! In short, YouTube has slowly but surely become an integral part of our lives to the point that life without it literally seems impossible.