Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool created by Google to track and analyze the digital marketing performance of websites. 

Useful, right?

For website hosts, Google Analytics can act as one of the finest tools for gauging online performance.

It currently acts as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. The service was launched back in 2005 after Google acquired Urchin. 

So, how does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics helps users to better understand their site and apps by showing unique insights, which can be used to boost the effectiveness of digital marketing activities such as SEO and SEM. 

What’s more, it also has many other industry-leading machine learning capabilities. For instance, you can also use it to track advertising ROI (return on investment) for sites and social media, video, Flash, and other applications.

So, let’s talk about how you could integrate Google Analytics into your marketing strategy.


When to Use Google Analytics 

With Google Analytics, you can track site activity such as bounce rate, session duration, and pages per session of site visitors and data regarding the source of the traffic. 

For businesses, online marketing goals may include generating leads, increasing sales, getting users to view a specific web page, and more. 

But the best part about Google Analytics is that anyone can use it. 

While it shows the casual user high-level dashboard data, it can also present even more in-depth information to professionals. 

For example, it can identify web pages that aren’t performing well with methods such as funnel visualization, tracking the locations of visitors, and measuring the duration visitors spend on each page. Other advanced features include custom visitor segmentation - which marketers can use to improve audience targeting. 

Meanwhile, the tool is also beneficial for eCommerce. Google Analytics regularly tracks your sales activity and business performance. It can then generate a report that lets you view site transactions, revenue, and other commerce-related metrics. And it’s all for free!


Why You Need Google Analytics

Tracking the performance of your business website and social media profile is really important. 

For most enterprises, the website serves as a hub for digital traffic. No matter what kind of marketing campaign you’re running, your potential customers will likely end up on your site at one point or another, right?

And because your website is the center of your digital presence, it’s of the utmost significance that you make the most out of it. And Google Analytics helps you do this by keeping track of your progress with a variety of insightful metrics.

This explains why more than 50 million websites around the globe use Google Analytics! 

Moreover, here’s a general overview of what you can find out by using this tool:

  • How many people view or visit my website?
  • Where are my visitors located?
  • What web pages send traffic to my site?
  • Which pages on my site are the most popular?
  • Which blog content does my audience like the most?
  • Which marketing techniques drive the most traffic to my website?
  • How many of my visitors have converted into customers?
  • How can I enhance my website's speed?

So, as you can see, Google Analytics can prove to be quite helpful when you’re running a website. It provides insights generated via machine learning which can help you find ways to boost your online popularity.


Key Takeaway

Thus, if you own a business, blog, or website, you should certainly incorporate Google Analytics into your schedule! By getting access to detailed information about what’s working and what’s not, you can consistently upgrade your marketing strategy and find better ways to reach potential customers.