What are Keywords?

Keywords are the main word or group of words that tend to define your topic or idea about your content. They are used while optimizing the content for search engine optimization and are the words and phrases that the searchers enter into search engines while looking for a particular product or service. These keywords are also known as ‘search queries’.

Why Are Keywords Important?

Keywords are vital for website owners and content creators because they can help bring more people towards the website and increase your website ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). After ranking on the top of the results page, you can drive traffic to your site merely by using those particular keywords. 

Furthermore, if you decide on creating content that can rank higher and get a lot of organic traffic from the users, it is necessary to use those particular keywords to help you do so. Make sure to use the language and the words used effectively by the target audience. 

There are different ways through which you can figure out the most effective keywords that you need to use in your website and for your content. Let’s learn more about this.

Types of Keywords

There are several different types of keywords that you can use to increase organic and paid traffic. Let’s take a look at these.

Short Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords are made up of three or fewer words and are also known as head keywords. They usually have a very high search volume and are very competitive as well. Short tail keywords are most commonly used as the first step, which helps research more about the content.

Long-Tail Keywords

When three or more words are combined, they are known as long-tail keywords. They are more specific than short-tail keywords. Similarly, compared to short-tail keywords, they have a low search volume, are less competitive. Moreover, the users who use long-tail keywords are sure to make a purchase and buy the product and services that you might be offering. 

Short term fresh keyword

Short-term fresh keywords include the words about something that has been hyped up recently. The short-term fresh keywords observe a high search volume around a particular time of its hype and drops after that specific time. 

You can use them to generate a good volume of organic views, attract more audience and add more to the existing audience, but it is possible to experience a fall when the hype is over. 

Remember that they have an explosive search volume, a medium competitive rate, a high conversion rate and can be used to create up-to-date content for increasing viewership. 

Long Term Evergreen Keyword

This is an extension of the long-tail keywords that are present. Evergreen keywords are relevant all the time, and although the search volume might fluctuate a little, there will not be extreme changes that you might have to face. Long-term evergreen keywords ensure that these keywords will be in use even after a long period. 

The content created regarding the evergreen keywords is usually informative and educational content and keeps the relevance for very long. Nicely crafted content adds to the authoritative points and can increase the search results ranking, bringing on more exposure and more views. 

The Bottom Line

So now that you know the different keyword types, use these to research your industry keywords.

And remember that it is also essential that you keep an eye out for the different kinds of keywords and realize which one will be more beneficial for your website to attract the most organic traffic.