Guest Posts

What are Guest Posts?

Guest posts are posts such as articles or blogs that you write for other websites and blogs. These are normally written by contributors who guest post on a site and are not regular, employed bloggers from that site. Guest posting is a way for sites to form mutually beneficial relationships by hosting each other’s content, boosting their reach, and gaining new followers. 

For example, if you’re a blogger or brand that writes content about digital marketing, you’ll write blog posts for other sites related to your niche, such as business, e-commerce, and e-marketing blog sites.

Why Guest Post?

Incorporating guest blogging into your content strategy is a great way to boost conversions and traffic on your website. There are many tried and tested ways guest blogging can enhance your website, here are some of the best ones. 

1. Increase Site Traffic and Establish Credibility

Businesses these days are investing time and money into becoming knowledge hubs for their audience. Some brands have created blog sites as resource hubs and independent bloggers dedicated to becoming resource hubs. When you’re helping your audience out; explaining concepts to them and pointing them to good resources, you’re likely to establish yourself as a trustworthy source that they’ll keep coming back to. 

2. Creating Backlinks

Guest blogs typically have backlinks to content on your site or authority sites. Backlinks are either inbound or outbound links; inbound links lead users to your website, while outbound links lead users to other websites. Backlinking has proven to be a critical factor in boosting a site’s SEO. 

Additionally, linking to authority sites boosts your content’s credibility and conveys that you have conducted research and are knowledgeable on a topic. Backlinks to your site will point users to your content, increasing traffic on your site. Although backlinking to your site should not be excessive, as experts have discouraged, this can hurt your search engine ranking.

3. Grow Your Community

When you establish yourself as an authority on subjects within a niche by frequently putting out high-quality guest posts, you’re growing your community and audience. New members of this audience can become customers and long-standing members of this audience can become repeat customers. 

The Bottom Line

Frequently publishing high-quality content that adds value to other sites and allowing guest bloggers to add value to your site is an excellent way to boost site traffic, expand your audience and improve your search engine rankings on Google.