What Is A Share?

A share is when a user on a social media platform or site shows some form of media or content to their followers, friends, or connections. This process is also called social sharing.

Suppose you’ve ever used a social app such as Instagram or Facebook. In that case, you’re probably familiar with the idea of “sharing” something with your online friends or perhaps a specific group or person. Similarly, social shares can be utilized to share content with old or potential customers when it comes to business. 

When used for business, social shares usually serve a specific purpose, such as creating brand awareness, promoting a product or service, establishing dominance in a marketplace, or building networks. 

Let’s find out why.

Why Should Businesses Focus on Social Shares?

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitally powered, the power of social media remains irrefutable. As a marketer or salesperson, you can’t expect to go far without taking advantage of the Internet. 

Sharing content online not only arms you with the power to broadcast media to diverse audiences but also lets your followers or customers become an automatic source of evangelism for you. And what’s better than organic marketing?

So, to build a solid reputation for your brand, drive more leads toward the business, and generally boost brand popularity, it’s of the utmost significance that you utilize social shares. 

Besides, most digital platforms have built-in features that optimize the ability to share media, providing many easy ways to do it. In turn, this gives way to various channels via which your content could be delivered to individuals and many ways people could learn about your brand. 

For instance, while someone may hear about you over a WhatsApp chat, another may see a post from your company page while scrolling along on a social media feed. So, now that you’re aware of how much accessibility and reach you could have, use it and consistently put out high-quality content to stay engaged with your customers.

Remember that every time someone shares something related to your brand, it will reach people who may then share it with their followers or friends, who may share it with theirs, and so on. The power of social shares is unique and unprecedented, you and your business should make the most of it. 

Three Ways to Boost Social Shares

So, now that we’ve established the importance of social shares, let’s look at ways you can boost them.

1. Find Where Your Target Audience Lives

Just to be clear, by “where they live,” we mean in the digital world, not their physical homes, because you may have noticed that specific types of people tend to hang out in different digital spaces. 

For instance, you’d have more chance of reaching moms of young teens on spaces such as Facebook or Pinterest. But if you’re a B2B brand, then you’ll find most of your customers (which would be other enterprises) on platforms such as LinkedIn. 

So, find where your target audience is, and then take to those platforms the most to run ads and share meaningful content.

2. Create Value-Addition Content

One consequence of social media has been that the world of informational content and media has become incredibly saturated. In other words, what you want to say has probably already been said and in several different ways. But that’s no reason to think there’s no solution.

To truly connect with people and generate leads, you must provide them with unique, engaging, and meaningful content. So, if you repeat what’s already there, your digital impact may get minimized. But if you create value-added content that gives potential customers information or insights they can’t find elsewhere, you’ll become an influential market force. 

3. Prioritize Consistency

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, always be consistent with your online approach. Whether that be running ad campaigns or posting on social media apps, if you snooze, you lose. As we mentioned before, the content world is very saturated, so it won’t take people long to find other sources of information or move over to your competitors if their promotions are more visible online.

So, while you should never overdo it, you should remain regular with how often you share content.

Key Takeaway

Social shares are one of the best ways for businesses to reach wider audiences and create brand awareness. It’s essential to take advantage of media platforms and broadcast your content to establish brand dominance. As you increase social shares and provide your site visitors with easy ways to share your blog posts or articles, you’ll also increase leads and customers.

Remember to focus on your target customers, create value-addition content, and prioritize consistency. As you increase your influence in digital spaces, you’ll also improve your brand’s market position and popularity.