What is IONOS?

1&1 Ionos is a web hosting organization. It was established in Germany in 1988 and is presently owned by United Internet. Notwithstanding web hosting, it deals with domain registration, SSL certification, email administrations, web development bundles, and cloud hosting. Basically, IONOS takes care of the technical stuff that comes with website development. 

The organization has two main offices. One is located in Montabaur, Germany, and the other in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. It has roughly 2,000 workers in 40 nations, with 8,000,000 clients, ten server centers, and more than 90,000 servers. The organization's CEO is Achim Weiss.

A Little About IONOS

According to IONOS, they are a web hosting and cloud partner for many companies, including small and medium-sized businesses. They claim to be experts in IaaS and other digital solutions. They are also the largest hosting company in all of Europe, with a record of over 8 million customer contracts and 12 million domains.

At the core, IONOS aims to help people familiarize themselves with the digital space. They assist businesses in setting up their online presence in a way that sets them up for development and success! From the basics of getting your hands on a domain, moving back-office processes to the cloud, or simply building an all-purpose website - IONOS has got your back. 

IONOS claims that reliability and security are at the forefront of all its products. They have all been built and created using the latest, cutting-edge technology, so as users, we really don’t have to worry about anything! What’s even better is that the company offers customized customer service to all its customers. In the case of an issue, a special customer representative will be assigned to you. 

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

You deserve nothing less than the latest technologies at a great price and in terms that are easy to understand. The best contract is flexible and doesn’t require a team of legal experts, so we’ve tried to make our product offerings and prices as transparent as possible. Helping to make you a success online is our gain — ensuring that you’ve got time for other more important things is our goal.

This shows that the company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best services out there!

IONOS Products

Here’s a list of every product and solution that IONOS offers: 

Domains and SSL 

  • Domain Names
  • .us Domain
  • .com Domain
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Guard
  • Bulk Domain Search
  • SSL
  • SSL Certificates

Websites and Stores

  • Websites
  • Website Builder
  • Website Design Service
  • Online Store Builder
  • Buy Button and Store Plugin


  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • ASP.NET Hosting
  • Deploy Now


  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Pro

Email and Office

  • Email
  • Professional Email Address
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Email Archiving
  • Office
  • Microsoft 365 / Office 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Online Storage & Backup
  • HiDrive Cloud Storage
  • MyBackup


  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • AMD Servers
  • Intel Servers
  • Server Deals
  • Cloud Servers
  • Managed Servers
  • Cloud Backup
  • WordPress Pro
  • Cloud Apps
  • Agency Cloud Server
  • Resources
  • Rent-A-Server

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who is just entering the digital space, IONOS can be a wonderful option in terms of getting things that can help you set up a solid foundation. Make sure you do your research and understand the scope of the products offered by them! 

In any case, IONOS is a popular solution for web-hosting. So, if you’re looking for an affordable option for that, turn your eyes towards IONOS!