What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online media sharing platform users can share, comment on and organize, images of pretty much anything in the world. And all these pictures are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. At present, there are nearly 478 million monthly active users on Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of the most significant digital spaces for creators and business owners to showcase or advertise products. Many people treat Pinterest like a marketplace, using the app for shopping purposes. This presents businesses with an immense opportunity.

Let’s start by understanding how Pinterest works. 

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest lets users save images called “Pins” and then create collections organizing them, called “Boards.” Once you’ve set up an account, you can choose topics that interest you and then start “pinning” images to boards, liking what other people share, and creating boards for your pictures.

The app also offers the option of choosing between a business or personal profile, offering unique features for data analytics to businesses looking to do brand management. If you choose a Business profile, you can see the click rate of your Pins, unique monthly visitors on your profile, What’s more, you can even create and run marketing ads for your products - similar to Instagram.

Using the power of visuals, Pinterest is all about lifestyle and anything related to it. It could be sports, business, makeup, animals, home decor; the list goes on. And this means that any kind of business can create a Pinterest identity for themselves.

Since Pinterest is the best place to find engaging pictures, people often use it as an image “search engine.” Recently, Pinterest even added a “Lens” feature to their app. Lens lets you discover ideas inspired by anything you point your Pinterest camera at! 

Moreover, you can also share content to other social media platforms through the app, such as Facebook and Instagram. And you can just as easily embed individual pins on a website or blog. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can use Pinterest for Business.


How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is essentially an entire marketplace of its own, which means that it has limitless potential.

Here are some strategies you can use to utilize Pinterest for business:

1. Create Influential Ads and Target the Right Users

Pinterest has a great ad-building system and lets you choose the exact demographics of the audience you may want to target. For example, you may choose to target young women from ages 25 to 30 in LA and choose relevant keywords for your ads. 

2. Create Captivating Content

More than anything, Pinterest is an image-sharing platform. If you take and share pictures that are striking, captivating, and beautiful.

3. Pin Daily and Create Boards

The key to maintaining a steady flow of monthly viewers on Pinterest is to “pin” daily. Organize your content into immaculate boards, and save relevant pictures to them consistently. The more Pins you create or save, the more users will see your content and follow your profile.

Key Takeaway

Pinterest is a one-of-kind social platform enabling users from all around the globe to share images and lifestyles. It offers the opportunity to create a Business profile, run ads, and promote products for brands. For users, it’s a media-sharing community built on aesthetics, hobbies, and beauty.