Was ist Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online targeted advertising technique by which web-based promotions are customized and targeted to customers based on past internet activity. 

Remarketing campaigns allow you to target potential customers who have already interacted with your digital marketing channels with specific ads. 

These types of ads work because they allow you to serve people with ads who’ve already expressed an interest in your products. With the help of social media channels, search engines, and email, you can remind them that they want to solve a problem and why your product offers the best solution.

Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel inside the objective site page or email, which sets a cookie in the client's browser. Once the cookie is in place, marketers may then show advertisements (often display ads) to that client via other digital marketing channels.

Types of Remarketing

Remarketing takes many different forms on the Google search engine and search network including:  

  • Video Remarketing: Ads appear as pre-roll video advertisements on YouTube and other Google display partners to individuals who recently visited your site. 
  • Search Remarketing: Your advertisements appear at the highest point of search engine results when somebody who has visited your webpage looks for explicit terms or services. 
  • Display Remarketing: Your marketing efforts appear as display ads on different sites inside the Google display ad network. 
  • Dynamic Remarketing: You can boost your outcomes with dynamic remarketing, which takes remarketing to a higher level with ads that incorporate products and services people may have viewed or engaged with on your site.

Meanwhile, other forms of remarketing (not related to Google Ads) include:

  • Social Media Remarketing: You can utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest remarketing to serve ads to users who may have visited your site. At the same time, they peruse these social media channels and accomplice sites.
  • Customer List Remarketing: With social media marketing and Google Adwords remarketing, you can upload lists of contact data that your customers may have given to you. And then, when they sign into Google or a particular social media platform, you'll have the ability to show them ads across various digital spaces.

6 Tips to Optimize Remarketing

For remarketing to work, there are a few essential tips you should follow:

1. Segment your remarketing lists: 

When you’re setting up your remarketing tag, it can be helpful to ensure that you differentiate between different pages. For example, people who may have visited “air conditioning repair” compared to those who may have seen “furnace repair” pages will each require a personalized experience.

2. Customize your ads to your remarketing strategy: 

Your creative strategy is just as important as your remarketing list strategy. So, make sure that your display ads are relevant to the audience you’d like to reach, have the same look and feel as your site, and have a compelling call-to-action.

3. Test different ad platforms, sizes, and formats: 

To reach as many customers as possible on the web, create different types of ads for your remarketing campaign in multiple sizes and placements. Then test which formats, platforms, and sizes work best for your campaign.

4. Upsell to current customers: 

Your existing customers are your most loyal customers and are the ones most likely to purchase other products and services from you. So, one of the best techniques to deploy is to keep track of your current customers and use it to upsell new products or advertise discounts.

5. Schedule your ads according to time: 

Schedule your ads according to where most of your audience might be located, or the times they’re most likely to access your content, you’ll have greater chances of reaching them.

Key Takeaway

Remarketing strategies are very effective in retaining customers and also bringing back old ones. In essence, they allow you to target the market already interested in your products.