What is an AdBlocker?

Also known as content blockers, ad blockers are software instruments that are used to hinder ads from popping up on websites a user is viewing. Think of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera - all these browsers come with additional plugins that stop ads from interrupting a user's web browsing.

While ideal for users, an ad blocker is an advertiser’s worst nightmare! When people are given the option to block ads, they tend to take it. And with this comes disruption to the entire realm of online advertising. It takes away the most convenient form of reaching out to an audience and is therefore not encouraged by advertisers.

The Best Ad Blockers

To give you a better idea of ad blockers, let’s look at the best ad blockers in the market now:

  • Adblock Plus
  • AdBlock
  • Poper Blocker
  • Stands Fair AdBlocker
  • uBlock Origin
  • Ghostery
  • Ad Guard
  • AdLock
  • Wipr
  • AdAway
  • 1Blocker X
  • Firefox Focus

What An Ad Blocker Means for Advertisers

But, do advertisers really need to be worried? Yes! The rise of ad blockers does affect advertisers. For example, the fact that the iPhone openly supports ad blockers means that the one of biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world isn’t definitely pro ads. For some advertisers, this means that their mobile PPC campaigns may suffer.

Also, ad blockers can disturb the display of PPC and display ads, regardless of the ad platform that is being used. This means that no matter how well an ad is optimized for a page, it can all go to waste due to ad blockers. 

The Good News about Ad Blockers

Although you should keep in mind that the possibility of an ad blocker can disturb your ad potential, you don’t need to stress. Because even in this situation, there is a brighter side! Let’s look at it. 

Of course, for normal users, an ad blocker helps users to navigate the web in a more secure way as most ad blockers also block out harmful files such as malware. Most importantly, ad blockers provide a seamless user experience. With ad blockers, you don’t have to struggle through an unnecessarily large volume of pop-ups and banners! What else could a user want?

How Can Advertisers Benefit from Ad Blockers?

Ad blockers have some benefits for advertisers. Ad blockers mean you can now focus on native advertising. Native ads are ads that look and read just like regular content. 

For example, the “recommended reads” sections on news websites! They are an example of native advertising and actually do quite well. With ad blockers in common use, you should work on making your ads seem as natural as possible. 

In other words, the existence of ad blockers can help make advertisers more motivated to create quality ads that are not considered “annoying.” In some cases, advertisers can also pay a small sum to adblockers to put their site on the list that is allowed to pass through. 

Final Words

While an ad blocker can potentially have an adverse impact on your ad, you don’t need to stress too much. In fact, ad blockers may force a revolution in online advertising.